Raising Strong Girls: 4 Compliments That Celebrate Character

By Martin B

Fostering self-esteem and a positive self-image in young daughters is essential for their emotional well-being and development. Compliments that focus on character, skills, and personality rather than appearance can help build their confidence and encourage them to embrace their unique qualities.

Source: @scoutthecity/Unsplash

Here are four compliments to offer your young daughters that are unrelated to their physical appearance.

Intelligence and Curiosity

Encourage your daughters’ thirst for knowledge and their inquisitive minds by complimenting their intelligence and curiosity. Say things like, “You’re such a smart and curious young girl; I love how you always ask questions and want to learn,” or “Your intelligence shines through in the way you figure things out.” This praise reinforces their love for learning and critical thinking.

Kindness and Empathy

Compliment your daughters on their kindness and empathy towards others. Recognize their compassionate nature by saying, “I’m proud of how kind and understanding you are with your friends and family,” or “Your ability to empathize with others makes you a wonderful friend.” Such compliments serve to strengthen the importance of treating others with compassion and respect.

Resilience and Effort

Acknowledge your daughters’ determination and perseverance when they face challenges. Say, “I admire how you never give up, even when things get tough,” or “Your hard work and effort really paid off; I’m impressed by your resilience.” These compliments impart the significance of persistence and effort in the pursuit of their goals.

Source: @jule_42/Unsplash

Creativity and Imagination

Nurture your daughters’ creativity and imagination by praising their inventive ideas and artistic talents. Tell them, “Your creativity is truly amazing; I love how you come up with such imaginative stories and artwork,” or “You have a vivid imagination, and it’s a special gift.” This type of compliment encourages them to express themselves creatively and fosters a sense of pride in their unique talents.